Bonspiel Sponsorship

Sponsors can be an important part of a successful bonspiel. Sponsors can help cover bonspiel costs and provide items for the prize table. Strong sponsorship lets a bonspiel keep entry fees low, provide snacks or meals, and have a deep prize table. does a bonspiel find sponsors? Businesses that are run by curlers are good candidates for sponsorship, but don't ignore other local businesses or national businesses known to be sports minded.

You should make sure to contact potential sponsors at least six to eight weeks before the bonspiel, and three months lead time is better. Depending on the structure of the organization, it can take awhile to process your request. If the business is owned by a club member, your first approach can be an informal conversation. However, for all sponsors, you should send a formal letter outlining the nature of the event and the type of sponsorship requested (cash, food, prizes, awards, etc...). If they've sponsored your spiel in the past, it's fine to make reference to that prior relationship. Here's a sample letter to a prior sponsor of a Little Rock bonspiel:

<Business name>
<Street Address>
<City, Province>
<Postal Code>

Dear <sponsor name>:

The <club name> will once again host its annual <bonspiel name> on <date>. This event draws other Little Rocks teams from the <xxx> <xxx>, and <xxx> areas. In the past we have had as many as 16 Little Rock teams registered. Every year the youngsters get to rekindle their competitive curling spirit against friends from other clubs, and enjoy a fun day of curling and other activities.

Junior Curling is open to all children, no matter their level or expertise at the game. It involves physical activity; playing as part of a four person team; and mental acuity to develop strategies to win. Our bonspiel works to encourage a love of sport in young players, laying a foundation for continued involvement in sport throughout their lives.

We anticipate considerable interest from our curling friends and neighbours, not to mention the families and coaches associated with visiting teams. We also expect local media exposure. Any sponsorship support you could provide - a merchandise donation for our raffle table, or a cash donation would be greatly appreciated. We will be setting up a sponsors’ table, so we’d also welcome any brochures, coupons or business cards you’d like to display.

Thanks in advance for your support. Your contribution of <prior donation> last year helped make our bonspiel a success and we hope you are in a position to help us again. If you need more information, please call or leave a message at <phone number> or send an email to <contact address>.

Thank you for considering this request.

Yours truly,

<your name>
<your title>
<club name>

During the bonspiel, make sure that your sponsors are listed on any items given out to the teams, and mentioned verbally. After the bonspiel, our club secretary sends out a Thank You memo. This year we also sent out a Thank You framed certificate. Nice certificates are fairly inexpensive at a Staples or other stationary stores, and a dollar store can yield a nice frame. The certificate should say "thank you", mention the business and event by name, and if possible include an appropriate picture from the event. Hand the certificates to the sponsors within two to three weeks of the event, you want them to know they are appreciated -- hopefully they'll be a repeat sponsor next year!