Level 4 of the Learn to Curl program

The next level of the Learn to Curl program is ready for release! Level 4 focuses on team communication and strategy. By the time a new curler gets to Level 4, they're no longer a new curler! They can slide and throw with some consistency and are ready to learn the more advanced aspects of the game. The curlers in the juniour program enjoy seeing their progress as they complete the milestones, and the levels help add structure to your curling program. Each level is freely downloadable and available for distribution, but please be sure to credit www.curlingbonspiels.com as the original source. If you'd like a modifiable version of the files to customize to your club, please feel free to contact us.

Levels 1-3, and an introduction to the idea behind the program can be found in our Learning to Curl article.

Good curling!

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