Saturday Song Lyrics

Since many bonspiels (ok, mostly ladies and mixed) have themes and team skits, every Saturday (or a bit late) we'll be posting a new song where the lyrics have been changed to fit the sport of curling.

Thanks to a member from the Sudbury Curling Club for today's song, which is really a poem, based on Twas the Night Before Christmas (very seasonal!). If you'd like to have your song featured, please send it to

Twas the night of the bonspiel and all through North Bay
The curlers had gathered to come out and play
The ice had been cleaned, could be trusted, ran true
So curlers could sweep and score one point or two.

The curlers were out on the ice, keen to start
With visions of winning the gold in their heart
The Skip’s in the House and the Lead’s in the hack
She’s ready to throw but the sweepers are whacked.

From deep in their training they pulled some reserves
And bent to the task with admirable nerve
The rock slid down the ice like a slow motion dream
And the Skip called them on to encourage the team

Throw Hogger, Run Flicker
Go Flasher, Sweep hard!
But stop short of the House
‘Cause I must have a Guard!
The game’s on the line girls
Judge weight like a pro
You’ll value the guard
When it’s your turn to throw.